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Cadence & Nathan Cadence & Nathan Cadence & Nathan Cadence & Nathan Cadence & Nathan


Everything you need to know about Cadence & Nathan Burns

Cadence and Nathan are a sibling duo originally from Sudbury, Ontario and are now based in Edmonton, Alberta.

After dipping their toes into the Edmonton music scene (Cadence as a solo act, and Nathan accompanying various local bands), they decided to combine their musical talents and perform together.

A unique blend of pop, country, and folk, citing such musical influences  as Evan Dando and Julianna Hatfield, the pair write songs that are both honest and poignant. With Cadence on acoustic guitar and Nathan playing dobro their sound is a fresh take on the singer/ songwriter genre.

Sibling banter (otherwise referred to as heckling each other... who needs an audience to heckle when the sibs can do it better and funnier!) is a constant between songs while onstage and performances by these two are a mix of humour and thoughtful moments.